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Lib Dems take seats from both Labour and Conservatives

by professorbillwinlow on 23 March, 2013

The ‘mediasphere’ is full of the noise of pundits predicting¬† the obliteration of the LibDems. Thank goodness the voters have the good sense to prove them wrong.

  • On Thursday 21st March it was the turn of the people of Adeyfield Ward [Hemel Hempstead] of Dacorum Borough Council to elect Liberal Democrat Ron Tindall. Ron took the seat from Labour with a gain of 18.1% in the LibDem vote.
  • On the same day the people of the Ladbourne Ward of North Dorset District Council who voted in LibDem Richard Arnold. Richard captured the seat from the Conservatives.

Congratulations to both winners. Since the beginning of October last year Liberal Democrats have gained fifteen seats on major Councils at by-elections and lost just two – net gain of thirteen. No other party has come near that.

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