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What a Mess

by professorbillwinlow on 9 April, 2013

We have delivered over 3000 surveys to homes in Preston West and in survey after survey, you have told us that Dog Mess is something you really care about. You, like us, think that all owners should clear up after their dogs – and if they don’t, you, like us, think they should be fined. But you can only enforce the law if you have people to do the job. Three years ago Preston Liberal Democrat5 Councillors persuaded the Conservative Group that was then running Preston to introduce an Out of Hours Dog Warden Services to reduce dog fouling nuisance by issuing Fixed Penalty Notices. It didn’t cost a fortune, just £25,000 a year –  but the number of fines issued shot up as a result. But now the Labour Group has decided they are quite happy for irresponsible dog owners to get away with it. They have cancelled the support for enforcement which we introduced in 2010. They are giving a green light to anyone who wishes to ignore the law. They don’t care about the health of Prestonians or the appearance of our city. What a mess!

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