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Foolish beyond belief – Conservative electioneering risks Lancs front-line services

by professorbillwinlow on 25 April, 2013

The Tory cut in council tax of 2% for Lancashire County Council is not only irresponsible, but extremely foolish. The cut will remove almost £7.5m per year from the county’s budget and that will accumulate year on year so that within the four year life of the next administration there will be almost £30m less resources available for front line services. This is at a time when we expect further cuts to income from central government amounting to about £250m. This was blatant electioneering of the worst sort by

We would have frozen the council tax” says County Cllr Bill Winlow. “It is in no-one’s interest to make a difficult situation even worse, but that is what the Conservatives have done”.



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