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“I kept my promises” says Bill Winlow

by professorbillwinlow on 26 April, 2013

“When you elected me in June 2009 I promised that I would make the interests of the residents of Preston West my first priority and I have done that by being active in Lea, LeaTown, Cottam, Ingol and Tanterton:

In Ingol and Tanterton I work closely with your three Liberal Democrat City Councillors: Bill Shannon, Peter Pringle, Pauline Brown and with local activist Neil Darby. We have a long history of representing Ingol & Tanterton and we work closely with community associations such as Intact on Whitby Avenue, PACT and regularly attend the new Neighbourhood Council.

In Lea and Cottam I regularly attend meetings of Lea and Cottam Parish Council, the Jubilee Action Group (JAG), Cottam Village Action Group (CoVAG), the Neighbourhood Management Forum for Affinity Sutton Housing and the T-2gether club at St Christopher’s Church. I am also a governor at Lea Community Primary School on Greavestown Lane. I work closely with local activists, Parish Cllr Phil Helvin and Jason Jeffrey, to improve the area.

I have been accessible and I have kept in touch with you through regular Focus newsletters, delivered free to the 6,000 homes in Preston West, and through my website and more recently my Facebook page. We also delivered over 3000 survey forms to homes throughout the area between June 2012 and January 2013.

I have kept my promises to you and have fought against unnecessary Conservative cuts on council while supporting favourable initiatives from whatever quarter.

There is much still for me to accomplish on your behalf. Please re-elect me on Thursday 2nd May”.

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