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Bill Winlow calls for an all-party coalition to run Lancashire

by professorbillwinlow on 5 May, 2013

County Councillor Bill Winlow has today called for an all party coalition to run Lancashire following the local elections in which no party  won enough seats to set up an administration. “I have contacted both the Labour and Conservative Party leaders to say that we are willing to enter discussions about the establishment of the new administration to run Lancashire. No meetings have yet taken place” says Bill. “In the view of the Liberal Democrat Group, Lancashire faces serious financial problems over the next four years with a predicted cut in our revenue budget of about £250m, one third of our budget.

“For the sake of the people of Lancashire we need to focus on the services that Lancashire County Council offers them because our job is to provide those services for the people who need them, particularly the vulnerable elderly and young, and those with disabilities. This means that we will need to make radical changes in how the county is to be run including:

  • more shared services between the county and districts
  • reducing energy costs by generating energy from council assets and by better insulation
  • sharing services with mutually owned enterprises and the private sector as appropriate.

“I am therefore calling for early talks for us to set up an all party coalition to run Lancashire for the next four years in the interests of Lancashire people rather than for narrow political advantage”

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