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EU and US trade deal

by professorbillwinlow on 19 June, 2013

According to LGIU Daily News (18/06/13), David Cameron has announced plans for what could be the biggest bilateral trade deal in history between the EU and the US. He announced the start of formal negotiations on a trade deal worth hundreds of billions of pounds, aimed at boosting exports and driving growth. Mr Cameron said a successful agreement would have a greater impact than all other world trade deals put together. The talks were announced ahead of the G8 summit in Northern Ireland. Barack Obama said the first round of negotiations would take place in Washington in July. They aim to conclude by the end of 2014. Mr Cameron said the deal could be worth £100bn to the EU economy, £80bn to the US and £85bn to the Rest of the World. He said the pact could create two million jobs, and lead to more choice and lower prices in shops.  “This is good news for our economy” says Bill Winlow. Membership of the EU is good for Britain”.

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