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Traffic Chaos on Darkinson Lane – Danger for Two Schools

by professorbillwinlow on 7 October, 2013

“Monday morning started with calls from worried residents about the traffic diversions caused by the closure of the rail bridge on Lea Lane for 4 months” says County Cllr Bill Winlow.  There was inadequate signage because Railtrack seems to have  used a sub-contractor to do the job, but it was not done properly. LCC has now been forced to produce extra signage which should be in place tomorrow morning.

“Local headteachers at both Lea St Marys and Lea Endowed Schools are very worried about speeding traffic on Darkinson Lane and I have witnessed some attrocious driving there myself ” said Bill.  “I have requested further access only signs and barriers to restrict non-residents from using the road”

“Please let me know if things do not improve during tomorrow”

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